Monday, February 13, 2017

The Good Left Undone

I got about 3 hours over the weekend, not straight, but that was unexpected.  My green stuff work is done on all but one model so I decided to work on basing.  I viewed a lot of Stormcast Externals online and decide to give them an astrogranite-like base.  The table I made last year has a rocky-type look to it and I figured they should look good on that.  I made up a slurry of fine grit and white glue and spread that across the bases.


Globbed on then spread with a brush

When the glue dries it appears clear and the grit was held down very well.  At this point I primed the basic Liberators.  I used black gesso mixed with a touch of white paint to make a very dark grey brush on primer. Since it's too cold to spray prime reliably this is what I tried.  As for the results, I think I'll prime this way from now on.

Grit spread and dry and Gesso primed
As I stated previously, I finagle some more time than I thought.  Since I had the time I used it to start a test model.  Basecoats were blocked in and intial washes were done.  No detailing or highlighting was done hence the title.

Terrible photo but the scheme shows
The dark metallic armor was based with a mix I made from three colors: Vallejo Gunmetal Grey, Vallejo Black, and Vallejo Dark Sea Blue.  Roughly 2:1:1,  I made a lot of this mix and put it in an old pot.

Armor: Dark Metal
Shoulder Things: Vallejo Black/Grey
Hammer Head: Vallejo Gunmetal Grey
Citadel Nuln Oil Shade

Loin Cloth, Weapon Grip and Shoulder Edging: Vallejo Hull Red
Citadel Carb. Crimson Shade

Halo, Loin cloth scales, Accents: Vallejo Gold, Citadel Dryad Bark 2:1
Citadel Reikland Fleshshade

Script Cloth thingy: Vallejo German Camo WWII Beige
Citadel Agrax Earthshade

I think I'm happy with that start.  I might mix in black to the black grey to make it a bit darker on the shoulders and the scabard.  The main armor will brighten up a bit too after the highlighting so that might help it too.

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  1. Looks awesome already! Digging the darker color scheme and it looks like the priming you did turned out well!