Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I've never been good or smooth with flesh.  This model is from Wild West Exodus but I'll use it in TNT.  He has a large area of skin to paint, so I figured I'd use him to learn.  The model is a Native American and I want to match the skin tone as best I can.  I used VMC Beige\Red mixed with VMC Hull Red.  For the first highlight I added a little more Beige/Red.  Then I glazed a very diluted mixture of Reikland Fleshshade and Medium into the recesses. 

Here he is so far:

I'm going to work more on the shadows first then highlights.  So far I think its working out ok.  I don't care about speed for this so this figure will take as long as he needs.

I'll be looking around for inspiration and techniques going forward.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Just For Fun

Last weekend was Underworld Cup and that was the last BB tournament I plan on attending this year.  I intended on moving my focus to This is Not Test, I've only played one game with one warband and I'm hooked.

All that being said I decided to throw some paint on a Gryphcharger because I have some ideas running through my head.  I decided to try painting a Rakarth Flesh base and tint it with Reikland Fleshshade.

Ok.  I don't know how I feel about it.  I think the shade needs to be thinned out a bit.  This took way too long to look like junk so I've got some thinking to do before I go any farther.

I think I'll do another recess shade then drybrush up the muscles.  I also need to pick a color for the feathers.  I'm leaning toward a reddish brown

Depending on if I like how it turns out, that will determine how I move forward with the others.  I'm not sure if I'll finish this guy up or move to my TNT stuff. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Initech Gangsters - For Now

This team has to play in a tournament this weekend.  Due to not giving myself enough time, a series of headaches (what's new), and other things popping up, I don't have them nearly done.  I do have them done enough to play.  Some players on the team are pretty comparable to their movie counter parts and some don't have any distinguishing features.  They remain on their square bases.  The round bases I'm making for them give them much more "flair".  Also Lumbergh will have a stand in for this tourney.

Here they are now:

Some of the characters you can see on the team are:

Lawrence in his construction vest and fu manchu - back row far left

Brian in his Chotchkie's uniform - back row far right

Bob Slydell, the tall Bob, with his white short sleeve shirt, suspenders, and mustache - front right
Bob Porter, short Bob, with his black suit coat

I didn't even get to their mouths.  Oh well they're playable.  More on them later.

Monday, November 6, 2017


Under World Cup 2017; Make Blood Bowl Great Again and KUBBL Season X1 were the impetus of getting this team going.  The team theme is the movie, Office Space.  My original intent was to make each player resemble their namesake.  However, I'm not good enough at modeling to make all that happen.  I did any bit to make them look interesting with paint only, no modeling.

Here is the first team member as they stand now:

The pic makes it difficult to see but he does have a painted of fu manchu.  He's not totally finished and will be transferred to a round more "themed" base in the future.  Unforetunarely, this wont be done in time for UWC 2017.


I will provide a more proper introduction when the team is finished.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Little More Prep for the Winter

Here are some extra things that really don't take any building, but need to be done.

Troll for Chaos Pact team I'm going to work on:

Impact! figure all Chaos Cup Participants got:

Great Pic

12 skinks and left arms prepped for priming:

Couple Judicators hanging out
I will be moving these over to round bases after painting.  These will need to be done for an event in mid November.  Better get going.

Random BB Models done but not pictured

Base grit for all Stormcast models before priming.

Priming is done for now.  Time to get painting.  First up, my Initech Gangsters (skinks).  They need to be ready for the Underworld Cup in two weekends.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

More Building

This week I was able to complete 16 more models (+3 for the mounts).

4 Vanguard Hunters and 1 Prime:

2 Vanguard Paladins and 1 Prime, and their mounts:

Mounts (kept separate for painting)

8 Wild West Exodus models:

Might be a TNT warband

Next up, base prep and prime time!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Test Passed & Build Time

A while ago, I posted regarding a test game of This is Not a Test.  Long story short, it was a blast and I have about a billion terrain ideas.  More on that in the future, but for now it's build time.

In the weeks since Chaos Cup, I have been working to get stuff built.  I want to get quite a few models built so that I can get a lot primed before the weather turns cold.  So far I've built 17 models.

8 standard Judicators and 2 Primes:

Neave Blacktalon:

2 standard Raptors and 1 Prime:

3 Aetherwings:

The next lot to build will be 5 Vanguard Hunters, 3 Vanguard Paladins and their mounts, and 8 Wild West Exodus models I won in a raffle at Chaos Cup 2017.