Monday, September 18, 2017

This Is Not a Test - Well... Actually

I've spent the last, I don't know how long, working on Blood Bowl stuff.  We're a week removed from Chaos Cup 2017 and I've turned my attention to a game I've never played before.  I've watched a couple videos on the game and I'm very intrigued.  I went on a painting spree to get some stuff playable so I can get some practice games in.  Randroid is going to show me the game and that motivated me to get a lot of painting and prep done.

This is the idea I had:

This is The Walking Dead - Scenery Boaster:

Paint thrown on things:

Painted up 8 guys.  They're just basecoated and shaded.  I will be highlighting them and adding stuff to their bases.  The barriers and rubble piles were primed then painted with a dark brown.  Then I dry-brushed some light brown just to make stuff standout. There are a lot of details that need to be picked out but it's usable.  I just threw some color on the cars too (they're not close to being finished).  The trucks are just primed.

I have a few more scenery pieces that aren't built yet but I'll get to them soon.  We are fast approaching "no priming time" here in Michigan, so I'll be doing a lot of building and priming for a while.

Monday, September 11, 2017


Randroid won two Chaotic Brush awards at Chaos Cup 2017!  Best Theme and Fan Favorite (appropriate for the Greenboyz as they always have plus two fame)!  He also picked up some new Goblin fans for his Greenboyz. Great Job.  Check Out, Drinkin' and Modelin' - He'll post more pics of the team I'm sure.  I know he put a lot of work into them and they're awesome.

No pics here, but hey, I'm a terrible picture taker so I wouldn't do 'em justice.  Congratulations again!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Chaos Cup Legacy 2017

I painted up a troll for the team.  Blues and Purples for the skin; green and orange for the "uniform."

Done in two hours including drying time.  Not terrible.  Getting quicker.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Introducing the Warpfire Wanderers


I wasn’t sure the team would be finished in time.  As with most that are in this tournament, this will be a work in progress.  Things never turn out in real life the way I see them in my head, but all in all, I’m happy with their current states.  Here are the players and staff:

#1 – Snatchit Quikk

#2 – Rattagat Bruxt

#3 – Skritter the Leaper

#4 – Furrut Ringtail

#5 – Morb Weazle

#6 – Kreet Funglefoot

#7 – Hrut Hornspike

#8 – Rutch Snaketail

#9 – Rosvin Ratz

#10 – ‘Hideous’ Hakk Frottlespit

#11 – Vermin Valdech

#12 – Krunt Blackfoot

Assistant Coach – Reek Nosebiter

Apothecary -  Dr. Skitter Hisonvurj

Cheerleaders – (re-roll counters) 

Now come the extras.  The locker room doubles as a team carrying case.  It’s a steel cake pan and therefore the magnets in the player, coach, and cheerleader bases hold them in place.  Dr. Hisonvurj has a work bench to make his warpstone concoctions.  The players gather near the benches to listen to Reek’s pregame speeches.

Locker room –

The dugout is a place to put all the markers, reserves, knock-outs, and casualties.  It’s supposed to look like a sewer system.  The “pipes” are random pvc things I had laying around.

Dugout – The Sewer

I used random bitz and bobs to give things more of a Skaven flare.  Thanks to Randroid for allowing me to use a lot of bitz he had.  The rat-ball is magnetized as well as the random mutation markers.

Rat-ball and Random Mutation markers

Rats, Flare, and Markers

This project has been a ton of fun!  I’ll continue to work on it for future events.  I plan on filling out the runners and rat ogre so I can play other tournaments with a full team.   Constant WIP.

Team Photo

Special Thanks to:
Xtreme for putting together and hosting this event.
Randroid for the use of the bitz and transportation.
Beaux for the models for the team.
Jeffro, Randroid, BCH, Jonny P, OTS, Valdric, Xtreme, and all the others on the Facebook Page for motivation and ideas.  This helped a ton.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Warpfire Wanderers -The Twelve

I see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The twelve players are now basecoated.  In the past I listed specifically what colors were painted for each guy but now I think I'll just add that information when it produces a result I really like.  Here are the players:


#1 Snatchit Quikk
 Big hand
#4 Furrut Ringtail
Little to no fur, sores attempting to show Foul Appearance


#2 Rattagat Bruxt
 Claw, Reddish fur and skin
#8 Rutch Snaketail
Tried to make his tail look like a snake, put snake on his base to show Prehensile Tail

Gutter Runners:

#3 Skritter the Leaper
 Very long legs, added cape, hood and dagger

#7 Hrut Hornspike
Added horns and dagger


#6 Kreet Funglefoot
Green stuff tentacles
#10 "Hideous" Hakk Frottlespit
 Greenish skin and fur, pile of "poop" behind him to show Disturbing Presence

#9 Rosvin Ratz
Two-heads, albino fur
#11 Vermin Valdech
 Nothing special he just has Block

#5 Morb Weazle
Extra arms

not individually pictured, Krut Blackfoot.  He doesn't like people getting too close to his blackened foot.  Fend.  Left most linerat in the group photo.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Warpfire Wanderers - Finishing Up Modeling

This weekend I did a crash session of model building.  I finished building and most of the green stuffing for the Wanderers.  Here they are:

Mutated Linerats

Yes, the guy on the back left has poop on his base.  Back right has tentacles.  The front rat has two heads.

Thrower and Gutter Runners
Back left is a Gutter Runner with horns.  Back right is a Gutter Runner with very long legs.  He is a linerat mutant model with a cape, hood, and dagger added to make it a Gutter Runner.  The front player is a thrower with sores added because of his warpstone usage.

This blitzer's name is Snaketail, I tried to give his tail a cobra head but it turned out terribly.  I decided just to give him a greenstuff snake on his base.

Other Mutations
The team has a special pre-kickoff chart, and one of the rolls makes you give a mutation to a random player.  These are things to add to the bases to signify what mutation they are getting.  I'll probably make a few more.

Three lady cheerleaders and two guy cheerleaders.

Skitter Hisonvurj, new apothecary.  Also he's the team's dealer.

I plan on getting these primed and basecoated this week.  The team/family should be 19 rats.  The only piece I haven't included yet is Reek Nosebiter the assistant coach.

Warpfire Wanderers Dugout and A Room for 12 Plus - Part 1

I'm trying to come up with some extra "flair" for my Blood Bowl Legends Cup team.  I think I finally have my team colors down so now onto some extras.

3D dugout ideas:

Items used:  shoe box, paper towel roll, toilet paper rolls, doll house brick sheets, foam core, mdf board, glue, two sided tape, and a blade.

Nothing is glued down.  I only used the blue tack so the walls would stand for the picture.  The plan is for the counter area to be on the top.

Locker room/Carry case

One of my ideas is to create and carry case that will double as a locker room of sorts for the Wanderers.  I often draw up my ideas on ms paint, yeah I know classy, but this project is more stream of consciousness.  regardless, here's a starter drawing.

You can really see it right?  Anyhow, I've got some ideas for the inside too.  Here it is now.

I used this for the Dwarfs of Anarchy team I made a while ago.  I sold that team so I'm reusing the case.