Thursday, July 20, 2017

Warpfire Wanderers Basecoat and Shade

I finally got some time to put toward my team.  I did the basecoat and washes on Snachit Quikk, number 1 thrower with agility 4 and big hand.

This miniature is painted a lot like my test model that I didn't care for.  The small things that made the difference for me was muting the flesh and fur a little and the orange areas change.

Cloth: VMC Royal Purple + VMC Hull Red 1:1, Citadel Druchii Violet Shade
Metal: P3 Khador Red Highlight + VMC Hull Red 3:Tip. Citadel Reikland Flesh Shade
Flesh: VMC Medium Flesh Tone + VMC Dark Sea Blue 3:tip, Citadel Reikland Flesh Shade
Fur:  VMC Flat Brown + VMC Off-White 3:2, Citadel Agrax Earth Shade
Leather and Claws: Citadel Dryad Bark

The little tab on his elbow pad is flash I missed, I'll fix it.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Blood Bowl Legends Cup - Logo Work

Here are some logo designs I made for the Wanderers.  I think throwing a little green to accent the orange and purple helps them pop.
Skaven Font

Main Logo

The Flame

I intend to work some of these designs into the mobile locker room and/or the 3D dugout I'm making for the team.  I am hoping to have the team prepped for painting by this weekend.  I need to get busy on greenstuff for this team and building my AoS stuff.  My cars have had other ideas though and think I should be working on them instead.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Blood Bowl Legends Cup - The Test

I painted up a test model for the Warpfire Wanderers over the weekend to see if the color scheme I had in my head would work.  The majority of the teams have their team colors laid out in the existing fluff, but I have one of two teams with unknown colors in this tournament.

Through suggestions made by the other coaches in the tourney and thoughts I had, I decided to go with a dark purple and orange scheme.  Fans of American college football think Clemson.  I also tried out zenithal (sp?) priming for the first time.

It really helps the details stand out so I will continue to do it.  I was just putting base colors on for the test so I didn't use this style of priming to its full potential.

Test Model:
Cloth and leather - VMC Hull Red and VMC Royal Violet, 1:1
Metal - Citadel Dwarf Bronze
Skin - Citadel Ratskin Flesh
Fur - VMC Flat Brown

1st test

The skin and fur are much too saturated.  The bronze is meh, not orange enough.  The purple turned out how I wanted it to.  His base broke so the picture isn't very good too.  This is the first time I've done a test model that I was this disappointed with.  Back to the drawing board.  I hope the next test works better.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Blood Bowl Legends Cup

In 2016 Games Workshop re-released Blood Bowl.  Since then they have released a couple supplements describing league play and adding a bit to the fluff of the game.  The supplements included descriptions of 8 classic teams.

Xtreme (Zlurpcast's Other Guy) created an event, that is going to be a series, around these legendary teams.  Eight coaches from around the Midwest have been assigned to each team and will be leading them onto the pitch.  As new teams are introduced they will be created but for this round there are eight.  Each coach is responsible for creating the players as described in the fluff, using proper colors and physical traits, and creating new and interesting fluff about the teams.

The teams are:
Bright Crusaders, Human
Orcland Raiders, Orc
Celestial Comets, Elf
Grudge Bearers, Dwarf
Greenboyz, Goblin
Warpfire Wanderers, Skaven
Chaos All Stars, Chaos Pact
Underworld Creepers, Underworld

I was assigned to the Warpfire Wanderers.  I've not coached a skaven team more than a couple times so I'm looking forward to that aspect.  The first step I'm taking is acquiring miniatures and prepping them to become the Wanderers.  The team has a bit of a warpstone issue.  They like the green and their bodies have the mutations to show for it.  I've chose to use mostly third edition skaven miniatures to make up my team.

Here are some of the metal I've chosen:

A lot of the linerats need mutations.  The extra arms is a sculpt, I'll need to make the rest.  There are six linerats on the team so I won't need to use all of these minis.

The one with the claw will have red fur.  The other will have a snake-like tail.

 The miniature without the big hand is supposed to be fur-less and covered in sores, should be fun.

Gutter Runners
 There are only two gutter runners on the team but one has very long legs.  I'm trying to decide how I can use the one in the middle (with vll) to make a gutter runner.  Both runners will get weeping daggers.

Some of these may become sideline figs and some may just be inspirations.  The rat that looks mostly painted has been in break fluid for a total of 72 hours and the paint still won't come off.  I don't know what was used on that model.

Other Plans, these haven't been fully fleshed out:
Cheerleaders - Comixininos pieces, mod some unused linerats
Apoth - Comixininos
Counters - giant rats, Warpstone thingies
3D Dugout - Sewer Themed
Team bus
Locker room/Carrying case - Sewer Themed

The other coaches are all putting their stuff together and are coming up with great and inspiring ideas. This event is gonna be a blast.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Introducing: Sons of Callous

Sons of Callous:

Sarkis on Kostya (Lord Celestant on Dracoth):

Sephtis (Lord Relictor):

Azad, Dror, Lirim, Dermot, Raghid (Liberators):

Adlai, Zidkijah, Melich (Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers):

Paints used:

Armor - Dark Metal (VMC Black, VMC Dark Sea Blue, VMC Gunmetal, 2:1:1)
Accents - VMC Hull Red
Hammers - VMC Gold, Citadel Scorched Brown 3:1
Bolts - Citadel Rackarth Flesh
Weapon Handles - VMC Hull Red
Metal Weapons - Citadel Chainmail
Wings - Citadel Rackarth Flesh
Leather - VMC Hull Red
Script Things - VMC G.C. Beige WWII
Washes - Nuln Oil, Reikland Flesh, Agrax Earth, The Fang
Bone - VMC G.C. Beige WWII
Dracoth Skin - VMC Dark Sea Blue

I haven't sealed them yet as I think I'll want to add/change some stuff. But they're ready for Saturday.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


The long weekend afforded me sometime to catch up.


Basecoat & Assembled:

I'm happy with how he's turning out.  More gold accents make him stand out from the rest of the squad.  Now to finish him.  The dracoth's tail and the arm that will hold the shield came off during painting.  I'll put those back on in the final stage.  I was hoping to be finished by now but I'm close.  I should have the table ready version ready very shortly.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

If At First You Don't Succeed...

When I built the dracoth for my Stormcast I messed it up about as bad as I could.  I've put off fixing it and painting it but now we have a firm date so I need to get it done.

I watched a painting how-to where they left the lord and the mount separate so I figured I'd do that.  Then when I tried to dry-fit the pieces and they didn't come together right.  My solution to this is to give the lord some longer legs.  His lower legs are sculpted on the mount.  So, I glued some sprue pieces on the legs.

Then I put greenstuff around those and shaped them:

Building, Sculpting, Fixing... not my strong suit.

Now dry-fit round two.

Pressed into GS to give me guidance for final assembly.

I'm also going to model a shield onto the unit.  I needed to flatten an area on his left arm. I won't mount the shield until the end.

Lord Celestant on Stick, also his shield is in the background.
Hopefully if a few year's time I can look back on this and see that my sculpting and filling is much, much better.

Next step prime.