Monday, July 31, 2017

Warpfire Wanderers - Finishing Up Modeling

This weekend I did a crash session of model building.  I finished building and most of the green stuffing for the Wanderers.  Here they are:

Mutated Linerats

Yes, the guy on the back left has poop on his base.  Back right has tentacles.  The front rat has two heads.

Thrower and Gutter Runners
Back left is a Gutter Runner with horns.  Back right is a Gutter Runner with very long legs.  He is a linerat mutant model with a cape, hood, and dagger added to make it a Gutter Runner.  The front player is a thrower with sores added because of his warpstone usage.

This blitzer's name is Snaketail, I tried to give his tail a cobra head but it turned out terribly.  I decided just to give him a greenstuff snake on his base.

Other Mutations
The team has a special pre-kickoff chart, and one of the rolls makes you give a mutation to a random player.  These are things to add to the bases to signify what mutation they are getting.  I'll probably make a few more.

Three lady cheerleaders and two guy cheerleaders.

Skitter Hisonvurj, new apothecary.  Also he's the team's dealer.

I plan on getting these primed and basecoated this week.  The team/family should be 19 rats.  The only piece I haven't included yet is Reek Nosebiter the assistant coach.

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