Wednesday, March 15, 2017

...And Now for Something Completely Different - Part 1

Dog Bowl Five is fast approaching.  I've been working on my Stormcast and thought I needed a break or two.  We are organizing a Blood Bowl 7's Game in the Chaotic Realm to be played as a one-off for those getting to town early.  Randroid and I have been running the Dog Bowl since 2013 and we wanted to throw a wrinkle into this one.

We are painting up some old school metal Chaos Warrior models to represent the Chaos Gods.  Randroid is doing Tzeentch and Slaanesh.  I am doing two, Nurgle and Khorne.  These are old models so I had to strip mine first.

We decided to give the miniatures some additional flair so I decided to do some modifications.  The Khorne Warrior will get horns and the Nurgle Warrior will get some tentacles.

Here are some of the steps I took:

Nurgle added tentacles
The yellow protrusions coming out are the thin wires (stripped twist ties) used for support and shaping of the greenstuff.   I used a file to get a texture of sorts on the tentacles but I'm not sure it's enough.  I've seen a comb technique I may try.  We'll see.

Khorne added horns
The horns were from some extra bits I had laying around.  I also added a skull to the base, why not.  I need to do some clean-up on that line on the right horn.  I did some damage to the left horn to hopefully make it look "used".

I will be cleaning up the sculpting and such this is just to get a start on them.  The tentacles are going to get suction cups as well.

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  1. Nice start! I need to get mine stripped and ready to prime!