Monday, August 22, 2016

Chaos Cup Legacy Display Base, part 1

As stated many times previous, I won the Chaos Cup 2015 Legacy Team which was Chaos Dwarfs. This year I volunteered to organize the team.  This year's team is Vampires.  I got slightly less involvement than I expected but there still time to prove that thought wrong. As of today 13 to 14 people have pledged  donations of some type.  The team will have all 6 vampires, 8 plus thralls, (hopefully) some stars or sideline figures, a pitch and a display base.

When I started this gig I stated I would show the display board by 8/22, today.  Now it's not finished but it is far enough along to include a photo just so you can see how it's coming along.

The bottom of the base is an 8" x 8" piece of craft wood.  I covered it with some epoxy putty and added texturing to it with a rock from outside my house.  I used a clay-shaper to mark in the outlines of the "flagstone" flooring.  I then primed the floor and gave it a black base-coat. I use black, grey, and white paints in many mixes to dry-brush the "flagstone".  I built a wall section into the corner to give the base some height. The walls are 8x2 prong building blocks that were covered in filler to take away some of their distinctive features.  The wall was primed and dry-brushed in the same way as the floor.  I made a wash out of some burnt umber acrylic paint ant water.  I slapped that on and then used a cloth to dab it off.

I plan to do more to it before it's done and I will post the final product here too.

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