Monday, June 12, 2017

Blood Bowl Legends Cup - The Test

I painted up a test model for the Warpfire Wanderers over the weekend to see if the color scheme I had in my head would work.  The majority of the teams have their team colors laid out in the existing fluff, but I have one of two teams with unknown colors in this tournament.

Through suggestions made by the other coaches in the tourney and thoughts I had, I decided to go with a dark purple and orange scheme.  Fans of American college football think Clemson.  I also tried out zenithal (sp?) priming for the first time.

It really helps the details stand out so I will continue to do it.  I was just putting base colors on for the test so I didn't use this style of priming to its full potential.

Test Model:
Cloth and leather - VMC Hull Red and VMC Royal Violet, 1:1
Metal - Citadel Dwarf Bronze
Skin - Citadel Ratskin Flesh
Fur - VMC Flat Brown

1st test

The skin and fur are much too saturated.  The bronze is meh, not orange enough.  The purple turned out how I wanted it to.  His base broke so the picture isn't very good too.  This is the first time I've done a test model that I was this disappointed with.  Back to the drawing board.  I hope the next test works better.

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